“Rain & Sun Protection Solution”


Based in Phuket.
B.Eng Mahanakorn University (With Hornors)

Managing Director: Khun Chayuth Kaewklin

Phuket heavy rain and strong sun light makes high demand for durable shading solution. I founded this company in 2008 to supply and install outdoor curtain in Phuket and later I complete the rain protection solution with Tension Fabric Structure canopy. I am also responsible for sales, fabric fabrication and installation supervision in Phuket and nearby provinces.


Based in Bangkok.

TFS Designer : Khun Payo Suparporn

The key to successfully build a tension fabric structure is to design it correctly. It is one of the most difficult task in construction engineering. There are a lot of criteria to consider when designing roof using the fabric. I started to design tent and tension fabric structure back in year 2000 and design over 200 tents all over Thailand and not a single one has failed.



WDA Factory July 2013

We are specialized in fabricating PVC fabric with precision and good workmanship.

Our factory is located in Phuket city center on Chalermprakiat R9 Rd. The 300m2 fabrication area, which can facilitate single piece fabric up to 2,000m2 in size.


Window Design and Awnings
บริษัท วินโดว์ ดีไซน์ แอนด์ ออนิ่งส์ จำกัด

Name : Window Design and Awnings CO.,LTD.
Company Reg. No. : 0835551002155
Tax ID: 3032975155
Established : 3 Mar 2008
Banking information : Bangkok Bank PCL
ACC No. : 668-0-27180-3


10 kW High Frequency Welding Machine: Latest model 2012, 40mm welding seam


Automatic hot air welder , 40mm welding seam


Precision Plotter : 2.5mx16m

Steel part are cut precisely with laser cutter and then assemble and weld by highly skilled steel sub-contractor.

Our steel sub-contractor are familiar with complex 3D steel assembly.

The fabricated steel then being sent to HDG (Hot dip galvanize) processing plant.

The surface will be clean, degreasing then dip into hot galvanize pool for rust protection.

Then the steel frame will be top coated with marine grade paint

Fabricated steel and fabric then packed, and transport to job site with care

On site erection is done by our skilled canopy installer. Work on site is quick and almost noise free and it can carry out even night time.