“Rain & Sun Protection Solution”

Insect Screen


Copyright Technology From Japan
Alternative Selection mosquito nets. Designed to be installed give a panoramic view, great look for interior design, good airflow resistance.

Insect Screen Pleated



  • The frame is made of aluminum 1.3 mm. Coating system POWDER COATED and ANODIZED.
  • Mosquito fabric imported from the US, UV coated 35%, available in gray and black colors.
  • Safety lock technology without magnetic
  • Mosquito coil storage system with brake gently.
  • Can fix with wood, aluminum and UPVC frames, and can be installed both inside and outside the frame.
  • Clean up itself every time of use.
  • Frame choice colors for white, black, brown, silver tea.
  • Easy open by a finger, move up slowly and without noise.

Window Installation Width Height
Pull down 160 cm. 160 cm.
Slid 90 cm. 160 cm.
Door Installation Width Height
Single door 120 cm. 220 cm.
Double door 240 cm. 220 cm.

Mosquito Drapes

  • High quality nets, imported from America.
  • 2 styles: motor and handle
    • SOMFY motor from France with a 5 years warranty.