“Rain & Sun Protection Solution”

Pre-Designed Tensile Structure

Pre-Designed Tensile Structure

Modular Structure

  • Easily choose a model from this website from 9 m2 to 144 m2/unit
  • Delivery in 15 days (Thailand)
  • Strong : Design to withstand wind speed up to 110 km/h (30m/s)
  • 10 yrs fabric warranty
  • Rust free : Hot dip galvanized coating
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Provided foundation design drawings
  • Price starting at 4,500 BHT/m2*
  • Free installation nationwide
  • Standard galvanized accessories
  • Optional stainless steel 316 accessories available

tensile structure
tensile structure

Easy combination :

Canopy can be joined as a single unit. The 2 of 3x3m canopies will make a 3x6m.

The fabric can be jointed via removable flap (mobile) or permanently welded from factory.

Left: Phuket city bus stop canopy (SPC3)

Right: Big C Sukhapiban 1 entrance canopy (IC3)


Best quality membrane available:

The modular structure uses VALMEX FR700 fabric made by Mehler Tex from Germany. The fabric is durable and has a long proven record. Top and buttom surface of fabric is coated with PVDF lacquer and can be cleaned easily by rain water.


Mehler Click to visit Mehler Tex Website


Center Pole Conical (CPC)


Side Pole Conical (SPC)


Invert Conical (IC)


Side Poles Saddle (SPS)


Four Poles Conical (FPC)

Currently 5 models available for selection 9 sizes for each model. New model will come out and update regularly. Please click below link for dimensions

Modular Selection