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Made to order - Tension Fabric Structure

We provide the full services from designing, fabrication and installation. There are certain protocol to complete a tension fabric structure project listed below.

Conceptual Design
Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

You can either pick a model from our previous works or start from ground up. The conceptual design model and price quotation of the canopy can be present to you in person upon appointment without any charge (Central and Phuket area only).

Production drawings and structural calculation
Production drawings and structural calculation

Production drawings and structural calculation

10-14 days after the contract. We will provide you with the detail construction drawings for your approval. The structural calculation and steel production drawings can be sold separately in the case of project reside outside Thailand or buyer wants to produce steel frame on their own.

Fabrication and installation
Fabrication and installation

Fabrication and installation

30-45 days after the approval of design drawings. We will fabricate the fabric, cable and steel frame and send to job site for installation. All parts are fabricated indoor and can be bolt down quickly at site. All the steel coating (Hot dip galvanized) are also done indoor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost for a tension fabric structure?

    For custom made tension fabric structure, the price will be around 3,500-8,000 BHT/m2 (120-270 USD/m2) Depends on the design and material use. This estimate include everything except for concrete foundation.

  • How long it will last ?

    We come with 5 yrs warranty covering 100% of any failure and 10-15 yrs warranty for the fabric.

  • What fabric color can I choose?

    For permanent tensile structure, the fabric is usually made in white color only. This is due the white color absorb less solar heat than darker color and yield longer service life of structural system. We also provide color fabric with shorter warranty (2-5 years).

  • Do I have to clean it ?

    Yes you do, depends on the how pollute the environment is. City area should be clean once every 6 months and some place near by the coastal area will never have to clean it. The top coating of the fabric is good enough to protect it from dirt.

  • How do I get the quote for my canopy?

    Simply send us an e-mail, tell the size and your requirement (Fixing points, span, concept) and we will get back to you very soon with the budget.

  • How long will it takes to produce and install a tension fabric structure?

    It will takes 30-45 days for production and 2-5 days for installation

  • Do I need an architect to do the design prior to your proposal?

    A conceptual sketch from architect would be a plus for larger project. But we can provide you the design from the ground up.

  • What do I have to prepare for the installation of tension fabric structure?

    We will provide you a detail drawing for foundation. You can then hire a local concrete contractor to do the job or either hire us.

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